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Updated: Jun 15

Along with the 2022 re-release of their debut album ‘Nowhere’, Ride also put out the ‘4 EPs record which includes their first four releases (‘Ride’, 'Play', 'Fall', and 'Today Forever’) available in one package for the first time.

The EPs preceded their first album and were the songs that piqued my interest in the band. I was fascinated by the racket the band were making, and my musical tastes were starting to change from pristine pop to guitar-based indie and Ride was an influence on that.

Is it sacrilege to say I prefer the EPs to the album? Probably, but this compilation does include the song ‘Taste’ which is my favourite track by Ride, plus there is also the fact that I heard these songs first as the ‘Fall’ EP was the record that got me into them.

The record is packaged as a gatefold album on double white vinyl, comes with a 16-page booklet featuring archive photos and an essay by Sonic Cathedral’s Nathaniel Cramp and is available everywhere for about £25 if you fancy picking up a slice of rare, shoe gaze goodness.

Tracks To Try: ‘Chelsea Girl’, ‘Like A Daydream’, ‘Furthest Sense’, ‘Perfect Time’, ‘Dreams Burn Down’, ’Taste’, ‘Here And Now’, ‘Unfamiliar’, ‘Sennen’.


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