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Are you a rocker who needs a digital assistant in your life? Need a powerful speaker that really looks the part. Need access to virtually every song ever recorded? Marshall think they have just the thing for you in their new Uxbridge Voice.

The purveyors of the most iconic amps in the world have jumped on the digital assistant bandwagon and shoehorned Alexa into one of it small - but perfectly formed - speakers. The Uxbridge works in exactly the same way the Echo does but looks a lot cooler. They can also be linked together to provide a multiroom experience.

There is a price to pay for this cool though, and it is, erm, the price! The Uxbridge costs £170 at the time of writing which is a shed load more than a standard Amazon speaker. Thing is, this isn't a standard speaker, it is a Marshall and me personally, I think it is worth the extra poke.

Click on the image below to watch the promotional video, click HERE to buy direct from Marshall.


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