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Not talking about the God of Mischief, but rather the God of any damn environment that takes its fancy. Behold the magnificence of the Loki Discovery Series Expedition truck.

Loki made its name by converting shipping containers into ergonomic living spaces, now they have branched off to create bad-ass expedition vehicles. The company takes a work vehicle and fits it with a high-end habitat capable of sleeping 6 in comfort and luxury.

The units contain heated floors, quartz countertops, leather seating, LED lighting, induction ranges, a microwave, and Wi-Fi along with well-presented essentials like diesel-electric heating, a fridge/freezer, a 140-gallon fresh water tank, a water purification system as well as the all-important wet room and a cassette toilet.

To help stay out in the wild, the vehicle is also fitted with solar panels, a Lithium power bank, and a 10,000-watt inverter/charger. Once out in the great outdoors, the owner can unwind the retractable canopy and fire up the outdoor kitchen for some alfresco R&R.

Fancy buying one? You might want to sit down while I tell you the price. The Loki Discovery Series Expedition starts at £482,000. Yup, you read that right, almost half a million pounds. More information can be found on the Loki website.


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