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  • Rob


So tonight I had the enourmous pleasure of seeing one of the best bands to come out of Liverpool in a little church in my hometown. My head is still spinning at the thought of Broudie and his band playing 7 minutes away from my house as part of the Knowsley Music Festival.

St. Chads is a fabulous venue (just look at the image for proof of that) but I did feel like a naught school kid though as I drank dirty beer while sat in the pews!!! A sureal experience all round.

The Lightning Seeds were fabulous in a low key gig which suited Broudie's voice as he ages gracefully. All the hits were played at a slightly slower pace and lower volume which added to the atmosphere of the gig.

Kudos to Casino too who were a lot better than I thought they would be. Definitely one to watch on the local scene, we will see them live in the near future, you can guarantee that.

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