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I read an article recently discussing the greatest Madchester anthems and thought I'd create a YouTube playlist of my favourites. This was the soundtrack to my early drinking sessions in the only pub in the town that would serve us. I would spend half the price of a pint on the video jukebox to watch Step On by the Happy Mondays. What was I thinking?!

Not all the songs on the list are from Manc's, there are indie/dance/baggy bangers from bands coming out of Liverpool, Glasgow and London in there too, Madchester had a massive influence at the time.

These are the songs that I remember fondly when I think of Madchester (although the name does make me cringe a bit, to be honest). So get your biggest flares on, roll the sleeves up on your Joe Bloggs t-shirt and dance behind your fringe!!!

Click on the image above to watch on YouTube.

Track list:

  1. Voodoo Ray by A Guy Called Gerald

  2. Step On by Happy Mondays

  3. Waterfall by The Stone Roses

  4. The Only One I Know by The Charlatans

  5. This Is How It Feels by Inspiral Carpets

  6. Fine Time by New Order

  7. Come Home by James

  8. Shall We Take A Trip by Northside

  9. Fools Gold by The Stone Roses

  10. Groovy Train by The Farm

  11. Can You Dig It by The Mock Turtles

  12. I'm Free by The Soup Dragons

  13. Wrote For Luck by Happy Mondays

  14. The Sun Rising by The Beloved

  15. Loaded by Primal Scream

  16. Strawberry Fields Forever by Candy Flip

  17. She Bangs The Drum by The Stone Roses

  18. There She Goes by The La's

  19. There's No Other Way by Blur

  20. Pacific State by 808 State


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