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  • Rob


How much would you consider too much for a sandwich? How about £28 for some beef on two slices of bread? Yeah, you read that right, £28!!! It's time for some context, it is a sandwich from Harrods, so does that sway your decision?

It isn't normal beef or bread for that matter it is something slightly more exotic. It is two slices of fresh sourdough with truffle butter, “gold” mustard mayo, mushrooms and seared wagu steak sourced from Japan.

All the ingredients are pricey. Wagyu beef can only come from three breeds of cattle from Japan’s Kasai region and is notoriously expensive, black truffle usually costs about £3 a gram, and the bread is made in-house by Harrods bakers in the store.

Is it worth about £2.50 a bite? Only you can decide. Next time I'm in that London I'll definitely be having a go, hopefully, it won't be as disappointing as the time I paid £28 for a bottle of beer from Greenland in a bar in Reykjavik that ended up tasting like Carling...


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