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Do you know what your house needs? Giant inflatable octopus tentacles!!! Yeah, you read that right, giant inflatable octopus tentacles. If only there was somewhere to buy giant inflatable octopus tentacles. Well, there is somewhere to buy giant inflatable octopus tentacles! YAAAS!!!

The crazy sods over at Etsy will sell you a set of giant inflatable octopus tentacles starting from just £293 which its, quite frankly a bargain when you think they are 3 meters long!

They are made of high quality waterproof pvc coated oxford fabric, which is suitable for cold and hot weather, indoor and outdoor use. They are light weight and can be set up and packed up easily. They come with air blowers, repair kits and anchoring ropes too which is handy.

These giant inflatable octopus tentacles will make it look like your house is under attack by a giant, purple kraken!!! Fancy some giant inflatable octopus tentacles? Click HERE to buy them.


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