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  • Rob


Those crazy Dutch bastards! They come up with a perfectly good sausage and then they go and spoil it all by calling it something stupid like ‘Little Willies’.

The Vegetarian Butcher (a company as opposed to some bloke who doesn’t know what an oxymoron is) have created an animal free, small Lincolnshire sausage with a unique name. Has something been lost in translation or is it good marketing? The fact that I’m telling you lot about it makes me think the latter.

The sausages are high in protein, don’t have artificial E-numbers and the soy used is GMO free. If you fancy getting your mouth around some Little Willies they are £2.75 for 160g in Tesco or £2.99 in Waitrose if you want to spend a bit extra to make the neighbours think you are Brewstered.


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