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No doubt about it, Sir George Martin CBE was a genius. The man who twiddled the knobs on The Fab Four's records helped define their sound, in turn, the sound of popular music across the world.

Martin, often hailed as the 'Fifth Beatle', was not only a legendary record producer, but also an arranger, composer, conductor, and musician. His profound influence was felt throughout every one of The Beatles original albums, with an astonishing 190 of their 210 songs recorded at the iconic Abbey Road Studios.

What better way to celebrate the life of such a cultural icon than with an, erm, action figure? Hmmm...

Renowned artist David McGurk has created this limited edition, custom-made collectible. This 3.75-inch action figure is apparently a true work of art, paying tribute to the musical genius - I'm sure it is what he would have wanted.

Fancy picking up a slightly iffy Star Wars figure of a random bloke that looks like he could be a CIA agent? Well this limited-to-100-pieces can be yours for a frankly obscene £80. EIGHTY-POUNDS! If you are mad enough to want this, click on the image to be whisked to the store.


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