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Like Star Wars? Like waffles? Like waffles in the shape of Han Solo trapped in carbonite from the hit movie, The Empire Strikes Back? Then you will like this! The electronics company, Pangea bring you this unique breakfast-making appliance for the low, low price of just $54 (plus shipping...if you can get someone to ship to the UK...a minor detail).

The Pangea blurb: "For the true Star Wars fan and a breakfast lover. This dual-sided, non-stick waffle iron will produce the perfect Han Solo in Carbonite replicas morning after morning. With a regulating thermostat and weighted lid, every waffle will be browned to perfection. The helpful indicator lights will tell you when it's time to pour the new batter in, and when it's time to remove the waffles. Han has never looked so delicious drenched in your favourite syrups and toppings."

Click on the image below for more information.

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