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Looking around the kitchen I saw an excellent espresso machine sat in the corner looking all forlorn and I thought, "you know what, I should fire that bad boy up and make a decent cup of coffee". There were only a couple of flaws with this idea; 1. I haven't used the machine for so long it needs a thorough scrub out and clean, 2. I had no coffee beans. The first issue was pretty straightforward to resolve, the second, not easy and involved a trip on the internet.

After doing some digging I plucked for a canister of Grind House Blend. According to the blurb, Grind offers "organic certified coffee, sourced from small farms around the world at better-than-Fairtrade prices, then roasted by us in London." They have a range of products from whole-bean and ground to Nespresso compatible pods and offer a subscription service that comes in letterbox friendly packaging with free delivery. So far so impressive.

But forget all that guff, the most important question is 'how does it taste?' The answer is pretty damn good. Rich and smooth and all the other stuff that people who are paid to talk about food and drink would say, in fact, don't listen to me, read what the professionals at Auntie had to say:

BBC Good Food: "Grind’s house blend is as simple and classy as it gets. The coffee itself has an emphasis on big, sweet notes, with just enough acidity to keep things interesting. With a medium roast, this will satisfy a range of coffee drinkers, as it doesn't have the bitter or carbonic notes that we tasted in other house blends",

Yeah, what they said. Plus the coffee comes sealed in a pretty pink tin that is refillable and 100% recyclable so what isn't there to like? If you fancy trying some of their excellent, excellent coffee visit their website HERE, sign up to their newsletter and they will throw you a 10% off your first order code too.


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