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  • Rob


You have all probably seen the Pinch Of Nom adverts floating about on Facebook but have you ever tried any of their recipes? I bought the book and decided to give Campfire Stew a bash.

As I was hungover to death, I made this in a slow cooker so there was minimal effort on my part bar chopping some vegetables and opening a tin of tomatoes (in truth this was a strain, I was that ill). The recipe has baked and kidney beans in it but we didn't add these (Ms L has an aversion to them) and I gave it some welly with the Tabasco sauce.

The result was delicious. The gammon just fell to bits, there was a lovely layer of flavour with the paprika, cumin and coriander plus there was just enough kick to make the dish lips-macking. We had half that night and had the rest the following day so it saved time, effort and money too. As a bonus, it is only 400 calories per serving!

Fancy it? Click on the image below to be taken to the Pinch of Nom website with a list of ingredients and a step by step guide to creating this dish (basically bung it all in a casserole dish/slow cooker/pressure cooker).


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