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Are you sitting there thinking "my life would be complete if I just had a portable, battery-powered turntable"? Well, Audio Technica has got you covered as they resurrect the frankly ridiculously named Sound Burger.

The Sound Burger was originally released in the 80's as Audio Technica's response to the new-fangled Sony Walkman. The device featured a compact plastic clamshell with a pivoting arm and a small die-cast aluminium turntable onto which an LP or single could be attached and spun via belt drive using an electronically-controlled DC motor.

The product was given a limited re-release last year to mark the company’s 60th birthday and sold out almost immediately but now Audio Technica is set to give the turntable a wider reissue this spring.

Gary Boss, Audio-Technica US’ director of marketing, said: “The response to the 60th-anniversary limited-edition model of the Sound Burger portable turntable was nothing less than extraordinary. We heard loud and clear the frustration of those who hoped to buy one of these turntables but were unable to do so.

“While the new model coming in the spring will not feature the 60th anniversary numbered badge, colour and packaging of the limited-edition version, it will be more widely accessible. We hope Sound Burger fans will be just as excited about this new model and that it will inspire the next generation of analogue enthusiasts.”

The revamped product also offers Bluetooth connectivity with up to 12 hours of wireless listening time, a rechargeable battery and a minijack output. There is no word on the cost yet but the anniversary model cost £199 when it was released so expect a similar price.

I love the design, the daft idea of it and even the fact that I don't need it. I know it won't be the last word in audio fidelity and it is very niche, but I can't explain how much I want it! Bravo Audio Technica, bravo!!!


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