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  • Rob


Now I know times are hard for creative types at the moment because of lockdown and the lack of footfall in their shops and they do say that necessity is the mother of invention but come on, who thought a COVID-19 Mask Outfit was a good idea? Some hopeful/deluded person (delete as applicable) called 'YourSassyGrandma' on Etsy, that's who.

For just £21 (plus £11 shipping) you could be the proud owner of a lockdown bikini/bralette thingamabob that, according to the blurb on the website, can double as a "sexy COVID 19 Halloween costume, a naughty nurse or doctor" that is perfect for "the club or bar or even in the bedroom". Still not convinced? There is more! "It comes in multi colours for different seasons. Orange for Halloween, Blue for whenever, red or green for Christmas."

Tempted? Who wouldn't be?! Click on the image below to head straight to the shop to pick up this unmissable item (or just to check I haven't made the whole thing up - spoiler alert: I haven't!)


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