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Updated: Mar 25, 2023

Sadly, we live in a world where this item needs to exist. On the other hand, from a pure engineering standpoint, I'm kinda impressed that it does. $500 may be expensive for a backpack but if it saves your life it is worth every penny.

The Byrna Ballistipac IIIA employs a Quickdraw ballistic body armour system, hidden securely within a rugged yet comfortable backpack. The Quickdraw plate carrier deploys in seconds with just one hand, protecting the wearer from the front and back.

The Byrna Ballistipac IIIA features 2 stand-alone hard armour plates with multi-strike capability. The two plates weigh 1.2 lbs each and are rated for up to six strikes from up to .44 magnum at 1474 feet per second from 17.3 feet.

If you fancy one, it can be purchased HERE.


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