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Like board games? Like horror films? Like board games about hour films? Well I might have just the thing for you! For just £20 you can buy The Shining the, erm, board game. No idea how you play it but what I do know is that the adverts says that it isn't suitable for ages under 3 - WTF?

So, about the game: You've traveled into the heart of the Rocky Mountains to take charge of the Overlook Hotel while it is closed for the winter — except you aren't alone. The Hotel's bloody history has made some of its past guests a permanent addition to the building, and with them come terrifying visions that begin to corrupt your mind.

Snowed in, you desperately explore the rooms of the Hotel, attempting to gain enough willpower to withstand the evil influence around you. Worse still, one of you has already succumbed to the terrible forces of the Hotel and secretly acts to keep you here forever and ever. The Shining is a suspenseful game of co-operation, deception, and terror.

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