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  • Rob


Well, there is a fair bit to unpick here. Firstly, it looks like auld Gildo has been to Turkey for his teeth, and I would bet anything that his 'hair' spends as much time on a polystyrene head as it does his.

I did some digging, and Gildo is an interesting figure. He was born Ludwig Franz Hirtreiter in Bavaria, Germany, and in 1974, he married his cousin Marion Ohlsen. They separated in 1990, thankfully without having any children.

Gildo passed away in 1999 at the age of 63, having spent three days in an artificially induced coma after attempting suicide by jumping from his apartment window after struggling with psychological issues.

After his passing, reports emerged indicating he was gay and had been in a relationship with Dave Klingeberg, his secretary, with whom he had lived for 7 years.

I hope he is at peace now, I'd like to thank him for leaving this great album cover.


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