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You can't beat a bit of funny marketing, can you? Leeds-based Meatless Farm has lashed up these billboards to advertise their vegan burgers. Unsurprisingly the Advertising Standards Authority said it would investigate complaints about “decency” after the campaign’s launch - mardy arses.

Meatless Farm has decided to target carnivores who have cut down on eating meat during the COVID crisis with an eye-catching ad campaign that is being rolled out across the county. There will also be an advert on Channel 4 and targetted social media campaigns.

Michael Hunter, Meatless Farm’s chief growth officer, said: “Throughout lockdown, we’ve seen a surge in sales, with more and more Brits trying or considering making the swap to plant-based, even if it is just once a week.

“We felt the nation needed a bit of a lift as it’s been a tough time for everyone, so more than ever we wanted to create something light-hearted and fun that consumers would remember when they are looking for alternatives to meat.”

American products Impossible Burger and Beyond Meat are currently the market leaders so if you are thinking of missing the odd meat meal why not support a British company?


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