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Image, Love, Win

May 24, 2011

Best Hotel Suite In The World?

What about this for a room with a view? ¬†Guests at the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island can spend the night 5 meters under the Indian Ocean in a private suite. The room is encased in plexiglass and is accessible by descending a spiral staircase. ¬†Book this and you will definitely get some…

  • man that is sick.
    but the dam problem is, its invented by either chinese or japanese due to the cheap furniture, AND, it costs a big load of sht to rent that:around 1000000 yen, which equals 10 bucks here in Canada.
    cool room, cheap as hell furniture.

    Lol thailand=bad

    8:01 pm

  • i like it where
    it located and to spend one night its how muchhhhh???

    celine victor

    4:22 pm

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